Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm a woman!

There are days when I wake up and I really wish I wasn't a woman. Those days occur roughly once a month. ;)

But there are two things I want to talk about that might be a little TMI, but they make being a woman SO much easier for me.

The first off has to do with that once a month thing. I was cleaning out my apartment to move in with my husband and found a whole box of tampons in the back of a closet and I honestly have no idea what to do with them. And the reason? For more than three years now I've been using a reusable menstrual cup, specifically, the Diva Cup. It's amazing! No more tampons or pads to carry, let alone buy. When I was still dating, it meant I could be at a guy's house, take care of what I needed to, and not have to worry about leaving behind garbage that would make him uncomfortable. It makes a monthly hassle much less of one. You can almost forget you are even menstruating. Which is absolutely amazing.

The second thing that makes me more likely to wake up glad I'm a woman is my epilator. I HATE stubble. And while there is hair on my legs, it doesn't itch at all because I use an epilator. Have you ever been on fresh cut grass? It itches like crazy! It's because the blades have been chopped off and are square. If you let the grass grow normally it will be rounded on the top and won't itch. Same with hair. So because I don't cut it off but rather yank it out, the hair I do have doesn't itch. It does take a bit of time each time I do it. And it takes some time to get used to the feeling. But if you were to add up how much time you spend if you shave daily, it's probably roughly the same. I just do it all at once. Waxing could do the same thing, but I've had a bad reaction to a waxing before. And why pay someone for that monthly when I can buy a personal epilator once and be done with the cost? And for further confidence, I ripped out all the unwanted hair on Wednesday morning before our wedding. And then on the morning of my wedding I did a quick touch-up. And then I didn't bother with it again until we got back from our long extended wedding weekend (so the following Wednesday). And my legs were smooth the whole time. How's that for good?!


Jinxie said...

Agreed! Both are wonderful! My legs and I are in a stubbly, razor-burned, ingrown hair fight right now, and I'm pretty sure it's because I started shaving again for reasons I cannot recall. I'm letting my hair grow out and cool off, and then it's back to the epilator for me.

TRS said...

Thanks so much for posting this!!

I ordered my own Diva Cup within a week of discovering it's existence here on your blog.
I'm using it for the first time this week... still figuring out how to be successful every time - but loving that I'm not tossing wrappers, applicators and used wads wrapped in even more toilet paper in the trash ... like 5 times a day!!

And I feel like I have a secret... must tell every woman I know!!

(my mom gave me an epilady for Christmas when I was in college - in the height of their popularity. I HATED it! It hurt so bad I wanted to kill it! )

Jinxie said...

Welcome to the club! I totally understand wanting to tell everyone too!

As for the epilating thing, maybe I'm slow, but I recently realized it's not so bad if I do it after I shower and exfoliate. I hate doing my underarms especially, but now I don't mind.

TRS said...

Jinxie, could I send you an email? I have a question about the cup... which may be a bit too intimate for this forum... unless you don't mind.

Mostly about the best way to take it out. I don't find it addressed in their info... It's a bit of a struggle sometimes.

Jinxie said...

Of course! My email is jinxiegrl at gmail dot com.

Roxie said...

Hooray for another Diva lady! It really is like a secret you want to share with the whole world. It took me a month or two to start consistently getting it right, but that learning curve was definitely worth it.

As for hair removal, it definitely hurts at first. And if I shave in between or go too long without doing it, it hurts again. So I just don't bother with razors at all any more and make time every week or so to take care of it.