Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Look of Love

Since I'm in The Homeland this weekend for the wedding, I was able to attend my home ward with my parents. For the first time in years, I attended the "grown up" Sunday School class.

Sidenote: There is a Young Single Adult class I have attended when my siblings are home too, but since most of the class was in Primary when I was last in the ward and it's usually taught by one of the "real" adults (or by a youth under their supervision), I feel like I'm back in Young Women's or something.

This gave me the opportunity to observe the couples in the ward who weren't split up by callings during the second hour. I noticed that almost every couple was behaving as couples are expected to - arms around each other, holding hands, etc. Even though I've known most of these people for years, I've never really had the opportunity to see them like that. They were acting just like the couples in singles wards that so many people complain about. "Ugh. Do they have to be so close in public?"

I say, why not? They're with someone they love, discussing the gospel that they love, why shouldn't a husband put his arm around his wife?

It's refreshing and hopeful to see couples, no matter how long they have been together, look at each other and act with so much love. So much love that you can see and know without a doubt that they're still happy and grateful to be in each other's lives.

At the temple earlier this week, I saw a man, who was probably in his late 70s, with his wife, and the look on his face when he looked at her was one of true and pure love. I saw that look on Handsome Prince's face on Saturday. I've seen it on my father's.

One day I'll see it on my husband's.

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