Saturday, November 21, 2009

A shift of goals

Years ago I decided that when I got engaged I did NOT want to put any roommates through the annoying gushiness that my engaged roommates put me through when they got engaged. People in love are wonderful, but when they do so at the exclusion of everyone around them, it can get to be too much. I kind of think I managed to reach that goal. I did have moments of overly gushiness, but I tried to keep it on-line so that if people wanted to ignore it, they easily could.

Now HP and I have decided on a new goal. We don't want to be annoying newlyweds. We don't want to be the type that go around and tell all our single friends how great married life is and how they should really get married or that if they did what we did that they would for sure get married or that we know the perfect person for them and can we set them up. We also still don't want to make those around us uncomfortable. Sure our method and path worked for us, but that doesn't mean if someone else does exactly what we did that they'll get married. Each of us are individuals and we each have our own path to walk down.

This has been the path we've walked down, and I've loved where I've ended up (although along the way there were certain spots that I thought really shouldn't have been on the scenic tour). I can't wait to see where the individual paths of Jinxie, Trixie, and so many others of my single friends take them. I hope they can count me as a cheerleader rather than a blind guide on their individual path.

Let me know if I get annoying, okay?


Jinxie said...

Deal. To be fair though, you're one of the few people I would trust to set me up with someone. Maybe. ;)