Monday, January 19, 2009

You mean I have to do it again?

I got through Christmas and a birthday seemingly in good standing. The funny gifts were laughed at, the meaningful gifts seemed to be appreciated.

But there are still things to worry about. In less than a month there is the holiday known as Valentine's day. What am I supposed to do for that one? Especially if things seem to be changing a bit quicker now.

And while we are on the subject (we really aren't but I felt like mentioning it anyway), why do I have such a problem with the term "boyfriend"? I can tell people we are dating, but it makes me pause almost every time I have to define what he is to me in just one word like that. That term just really doesn't explain at all what I've got going on here.

Also, I still find it real funny when I find out people are discussing my love life. You'd think there would be more exciting things in this world to talk about then my love life. But apparently some people are just that dull. Oddly, this generally happens at church.


Roxie said...

I have narrowed it down to either:
- a MP3 player (a bit expensive for my budget) that he can use when he exercises.
- coasters so he doesn't need to use books or paper towels to put his glass down on his coffee table any more
- a lawn chair because while I've seen the type he wants at different stores, he's never yet seen one

Now to decide.

Jinxie said...

You can make coasters out of pictures. My mom did it as an RS project once. Take fun pictures of the two of you and make coasters out of them.

Sappy, but practical.

Roxie said...

That's the kind of coasters I was going to do, pictures attached to tiles however it says to do it on the do-it-yourself internet instruction things I have.

Only I was thinking of using pictures I've taken around the area. I've got some great ones of some of the birds that would be fitting.