Friday, January 16, 2009

What to do (part 1 of many)

We mentioned some things that a man would be wise to not do, ever. But good behavior modification programs do more than just remove undesirable behaviors, they must replace those undesirable ones with more desirable ones. So here is an introductory list of things that would be viewed as desirable.

Dress appropriately! Jinxie already said some great things about this, so I'll just refer you there. I'd also be willing to bet that Trixie has a few things on that topic as well.

Hold doors. There are those I have heard who say that holding a door for a woman tells her that she can't do it herself. I have never, ever, in my life felt like that was what getting my door meant. If I am driving the car we are in, I will get myself in and out of the car. Otherwise, I'm going to sit in the car until the man get the door for me. I also expect the man to open the door when we are getting in the car. As well as doors to where we are going. The fewer doors I touch on a date, the better things will go.

Walk on the road side. This seems like something nobody ever talks about. This practice dates back a long time to when roads were mud and it was to prevent the lady from getting splashed with mud. (I'm totally making that up, but it sounds completely plausible, does it not?). For me, in this day and age, it means the man wants to be between me and danger. It is a very small thing, but for me it is huge! Especially since it is something so few people ever mention. If the man knows about that one, it means to me that he really does know how to be a gentleman.

There are many other desirable behaviors, but taking a few at a time and not getting overwhelmed is generally better.


Jinxie said...

The first boy I ever held hands with told me that the woman traditionally should be on the left of the man. Why? Because, then his right hand is free to draw his sword, should the need arise. True? No idea, but it's a cute thought.

Oh, and he was 11 and I was 13. This does not exactly aid in the credibility of his story.

Roxie said...

I've heard that one too. But depending on what side of the road you are on and what direction you are walking, it doesn't always work as well.