Friday, January 9, 2009

There's desperate, and then there's...

Facebook is an interesting entity. There are some people who like to update their status at least a half dozen times a day to let everyone know what they are doing.

I've noticed a theme in the status updates of one of the people on my friends list. Occasionally she talks about work, but generally she's telling everyone her latest heartache about a particular male.

Her status updates from the last several days read as follows:
XXXXX misses him. He's her best friend. She can't wait for things to work out.... 1:05am
XXXXX thinks he is very worth waiting for - the most amazing man she's met. However waiting is hard! 12:59pm
XXXXX finally feels okay with waiting for him. He likes her. Wants to date her. It will happen when the time is right. All will be ok! 10:36pm

XXXXX is glad she finally feels at peace with waiting until he - her best friend - is ready to date her. It will be soon. He wants to. Just needs more time. She has faith. 1:06pm
XXXXX just bought herself a ticket to him dating her sooner - a NICE gift certificate to Sportsmans Warehouse, candy, 6 snowmobile mags, 1 hunting magazine, fishing calendar - he'll love her! 10:35pm

XXXXX can't wait till he get's his "congrats on your promotion" package! 1:53am
XXXXX can't wait till he professes his undying love to her which he has & will once he gets the package - especially the gift card from sportsman warehouse!! 10:04am
XXXXX had the best fun conversations with him throughout the day!! 5:00pm
XXXXX & him had the best conversations today & every day! They go so good together - like pb & jelly! Well they have been best friends for forever... 5:35pm

XXXXX is on cloud 9 - man she loves talking to him! 9:38am
XXXXX is soooo happy! All she can think is wow! 2:51pm
XXXXX just had the most amazing conversation with him. They really like each other. I think he will start dating her very soon. Fingers crossed everyone! 9:12pm

XXXXX really hates waiting for him but he is worth it.... 5:56am
XXXXX thinks today will be tough after talking to him all day & night yesterday....she misses him tons but will survive.. 10:20am

Now, there are several thoughts I have about all this. One, I don't think you can buy a relationship with a care package. But maybe I'm wrong. Two, this girl is obsessed! If I were the boy and I could see all of this (I'm assuming he can't because of how she writes), I'd be scared and would run so fast in the other direction all she'd see would be a large dust cloud.

I've been twitterpatted before, definitely. I've had moments when there was a far off glint in my eye for a few days and I'd randomly giggle because of a boy. Heck, I still randomly giggle about the boy, which after this long I think is a good sign. But I hope I NEVER drowned everyone in so much sugar. Diabetic coma anyone?

I honestly hope something works for her soon. Sometimes waiting is exactly what you need to do. But I'm afraid what the status updates might start saying if they do. eek!


Jinxie said...

There was a girl I knew at BYU who always complained that she was 22 and single and how awful that was. Fairly typical stereotype.

The kicker? I knew her during my freshman year. She lived in my ward in DT.

Move already!