Saturday, January 3, 2009

Being set up

There's a tendency to set people up for three reasons: They're both older, single, and LDS. Surely you'll be perfect for each other!


I don't actually mind a set up being orchestrated if I already know the person, at least peripherally, or if the person doing the setting up can think of a few things we both have common aside from the norm.

Luckily, my friends and family haven't done a lot of setting up for me, yet.

In November, one of my friends asked if he could set me up with someone. I badgered him with questions about the guy and why he thought we'd get along.

Basically, we were the same age, LDS, single, and he's a nice guy.

Super! Cue the eye rolling.

Then I weaseled some more information out of him. Apparently, they'd already tried to set him up with another of our mutual friends, but she took him on two rather uncomfortable dates and then avoided him completely. Somehow, word even got back to him that she hated him.

Basically, when this friend and our other friends were discussing who they could set him up with that wouldn't be so deceptive, my name came up.

That's it. The reason they picked me. No pressure or anything.

I did a little research, mostly on Facebook. He works a retail job, hasn't finished college yet, and I didn't find him particularly attractive physically.

Still, I said yes, my friend could give his guy my number.

Within an hour he texted me.

And so far, seven weeks later, that's still all we've done. He hasn't called me at all, nor has he asked me out for anything specific. I think I've gotten at least one "Can we do something sometime?", which is way too vague for the busy life I lead.

I actually didn't realize all this until Mutual Friend asked if we'd gone out yet last night. I didn't even realize that it had started way back in mid-November until I looked up the conversation in preparation for this post.

When I admitted to Mutual Friend that we'd only texted and that he hadn't actually even asked me out yet, though that it could be due, in part, to me being away for a week, Mutual Friend was appalled. Then, when he asked if I enjoyed the text conversations, I apparently automatically grimaced, which I was called on.

I explained that it was just small talk, and added to the fact that it had been so long, he was losing points. Luckily, when he asked if I'd seen his recent pictures on Facebook from a Christmas party I'd missed, the subject changed to what was happening in the picture, and I didn't have to go any further.

The longer this drags on, the more I don't really want to go, but because of the reason I was chosen, I'm afraid of what everyone will think if I end up not liking him.

Then again, I might actually like him. Guess I'll find out. Eventually.