Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watching siblings date

Somehow, I have never seen my siblings (I have two, one of each, and we're all adults) with any of their boyfriends or girlfriends. I may have met the person, but as soon as they actually started dating, I never saw them again. I'd hear stories of their SOs, dates, when they first kissed them, etc., but I never ever saw any of it.

That is, until I went home for Christmas this year.

I knew my brother had been dating his current girlfriend. There were certain things I knew before our mom even did, and he lives at home. He and his girlfriend have been friends for months now, and my sister knew her in high school. Everyone, siblings and parents, raved about her, but we'd never met each other.

I met her for the first time on Christmas Day, and saw her several times over the course of my vacation. She is indeed wonderful, and I quite like her.

But to see my brother with his arms around a girl, and being flirty, and having whispered conversations, was really strange for me.

He is most certainly old enough to have a girlfriend and she's great for him. It could be a little jealousy, and probably is. But as Roxie pointed out, it could be that it's weird to think that someone could love my brother in a way I never could.

It also could be that I didn't see it grow. It's not like they met and were immediately holding hands and cuddling in direct view of our parents. They eased into the relationship, which gave those watching it time to ease into it as well. Hearing about it was not the same thing apparently.

I'm sure it will get easier and become more normal to me. At least it better.

And now I wonder what my family thought when I've had guys around.