Friday, January 2, 2009


My parents got me Kristen M. Oaks' new book, A Single Voice, for Christmas. I had previously thought that Christmas was lame this year, and then I read the first chapter. After getting teary through most of it, I decided that my attitude had to change...and then I realized that Christmas had been great. Once I adjusted my brain and expectations, I had a merry Christmas and I plan to have an even merrier one this year. I will not let my single state "ruin" the holidays again! In fact, I went to a New Year's Eve party with a positive attitude and the determination that I'd have fun no matter what, and I DID have fun. I rediscovered my assertive side and introduced myself to an attractive man, and then I asked him to dance. Regardless of the outcome of this meeting, I put myself out there, I flirted with someone new, and I've made a new friend. I even got a hug out of it, and I really should have stood next to him at midnight and kissed him like I thought about doing!

The holidays were exactly as they should be, and it wasn't too late for me to enjoy them. Thank you, Sister Oaks, for your wonderful advice, sympathy, and empathy. You've changed my life.


Roxie said...

I've seen that book but haven't read it yet. Maybe I will have to check it out.