Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last

With a single phone call this evening I was suddenly doomed to be the old maid in my family.

The youngest sibling is already married and multiplying and replenishing the earth.

This afternoon the other sibling decided to get married as well.

It won't happen immediately of course. They don't know when or where the wedding will be. They need to figure out their schedules (they currently don't live in the same city, which could make things a bit difficult), as well as when all the important people can fly in for it.

But when it does happen, that will leave me all by my lonesome - marriage wise.

I'm at least not alone enough that there won't be anyone to kiss come midnight tonight. And who knows what might happen in 2009.

My dad told me once that in January he didn't think he'd be married by August, and expecting a baby just a few months later. But in February all those many moons ago he proposed to my mom and that got that ball going. So who knows.


Roxie said...

The other sibling put up a picture on facebook of them and my soon to be sibling-in-law. I've got to say, I can't recall ever seeing my sibling with a smile that big before. Must be a good thing they have going.