Monday, December 22, 2008

They never called

The Pick-up Artist nor The Busy Guy.

In fact, the next time I was at that mall, I didn't even see that guy's kiosk. That's a little strange.

As for the busy guy. He's dating someone else. Somehow he found time for her and not me. Oh, and he never told me. Before I ever asked him out, I'd mentioned an event coming up in mid-December that he expressed interest in. So, realizing that the two week period was up and that the event was following week, I called and left a message inviting him to it and dinner. Then, I saw him with this other girl. While there was no PDA, I did pick up a certain vibe that they were together, which I confirmed with his roommate a couple days later. Apparently, Busy Guy had been meaning to tell me, but never got around to it. The event came and went with nary a word. Nor did he mention it when we were chatting yesterday. Whether or not he has the heart of gold his roommate mentioned, he's still a jerk for not ever calling me back.

In fact, with the exception of one guy, everyone I've asked out in the last year is dating and/or engaged to someone else.

Great odds for the guys I date, no? Not so much for me.