Friday, November 14, 2008

Finding the time

I got the guts to ask a guy out for last weekend. He was going out of town, so we tentatively rain-checked for this weekend. When we got in touch a few days ago I discovered that the poor boy does want to do something, but is stuck working 70+ hours a week! He may even have to work Saturday AND Sunday this weekend, and this is going to be going on for probably the next two weeks. I did some quick math and realized that two weeks from now is Thanksgiving and we were both astounded at that fact. We didn't discuss our plans, but I'll be going out of town and I think a five day road trip is a bit long for a first date. Then I realized that I have a performance heavy December.

Trying to date someone as busy as I am is nigh unto possible!

So, we decided that we're both crazy busy, but "let's keep in touch and we'll find some time soon", and "it doesn't even have to be a weekend."

I hope this isn't a classic case of "He's just not that into you", but I guess only time will tell. He really did sound enthusiastic about finding some time sometime, so my fingers are crossed.