Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An old rant

I think I wrote this to Trixie in June of 2006. It makes me laugh.


I understand in a situation like our friend Theatre Junkie who lives very close to campus and doesn't need one, and I know several reasons why The Boy can't right and doesn't need one either. And Mr. Not-So Perfect lived close to school too. However, what about everyone else? We don't live in an area of widespread public transportation. If we were in New York or London or San Francisco or Paris, I wouldn't have a need for a car either really. BUT WE'RE NOT! I thought The One Who Kissed Me At The Planetarium was strange being 31 without a license or a car and lives way far from work. But I've got a new random guy - a twenty-something, divorced, smoker father. No plans have been made with him yet, but I was entertaining them for a brief moment. Just for fun. But he doesn't have a license! Why? "Long story. Involves a couple no-insurance tickets." Yeah, that certainly shows responsibility. I also just looked at his online profile again and it seems that his divorce (or the end of his major "settling down" relationship) fell apart disastrously. I can't in good conscience even initiate a fling with this guy. Nor do I want to drive up to A City About An Hour Away to do it. GAH!! So what do I do? Do I do the nice thing and go on one date with him, if he asks? Or do I just quietly disappear and end all forms of contact in order to remind him how unattractive his current situation is? Would he get that message? Even if the relationship thing wasn't entirely his fault, he had to have had something to do with it, and everything else is definitely his doing. I don't know any positives about him. He looks kinda cute and is a musician. I guess that's it.

GEEZ!! Can't I get a normal guy for once!?!?