Thursday, November 13, 2008

The appropriateness of the kissing

When one is in a relationship with an other, this is generally the result of a feeling of attraction between one and the other, the relationship frequently indicating that such feelings of attraction are, to a degree, mutual. An aspect of such an attraction is frequently the attraction to the physical manifestation of the other. This often results in a physical expression of such an attraction with such exhibitions as the holding of hands, the kissing, and the making out.

The timing of such exhibitions, in addition to the location of such exhibitions, should always be taken into consideration. While the holding of hands is acceptable in generally all places of a public nature, the kissing, and most especially the making out, should be used with especial discretion in their use where others may be present.

Yet it has been observed, it is with sadness that we report, and with much discomfort at having been the witness of said exhibitions of not only the kissing but also the making out, that such is not always the case.

i.e. Making out on the front steps of the church building after church - INAPPROPRIATE!!

Your time and attention to this important matter has been most graciously appreciated.