Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Season of Giving

I love giving gifts. I love thinking about what I'm going to give someone, what would be the perfect thing for them that they had no idea they needed until they get it from me. I'd even say that I like giving gifts almost more than I like getting them.

And for some people, this is real easy for me, people like my family and friends

But for other people, this gets real hard for me. These specific people would be the people I happen to find myself in a relationship with when Christmas or a birthday thing comes around. What in the world am I supposed to do with that? How do I know what level the relationship is at so I can gear the gift to that level? If I get something too high the guy can get scared and wonder how fast I want things to move. If I get something too low I run the risk of looking like I don't care, especially if they get me something bigger.

So while the Christmas shopping season only officially started this weekend, I've been worrying about this for several months now, trying to watch for signs of what direction things are moving and where they are moving to. In just under four weeks we'll see how I do.