Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do you ever?

Do you ever think that something that happened in the past is safely in the past, and then something will happen and you'll suddenly be face to face with a mean evil menacing ghost and all you can do is cry and relive the pain and hurt again and wonder when you'll finally be able to kill the ghost and leave it alone and not let it bother you again and not think about it ever again?

No? Me either.

But, hypothetically, when you read a news article that sends you spiraling back to a bad relationship that really screwed you over and hurt you in ways you probably don't even realize even now and you are suddenly being ripped open again by that ghost and you find yourself spending a few days just praying and pleading for peace to finally come, it's really nice when someone whom you trust so completely just holds you while you tell them the details you can, and they gently brush your hair out of your face and tell you they wish you'd never been hurt like that.

Hypothetically, that's a huge comfort.

Realistically, I want that ghost gone. I don't ever want it to haunt me again. Realistically, that's probably going to take longer than I'd like. But it will happen.