Monday, December 22, 2008

Taking it off

Obviously, we here at I Won't Say are girls with standards. There are lot of things, particularly on the physical side of things, that we won't do. Not that we don't want to, because, by golly, we do. However, we've made certain commitments not to, and feel that our lives will be blessed by it.

Still, we can have some fun. In fact, we can have a lot of fun. With our clothes on.

There are, however, some things we can take off. Or, even better, you can take them off for us.

Shoes/socks - Being barefoot is comfortable and sexy, and have you ever had your toes kissed? It's surprisingly fun.

Glasses - They get in the way, and nose smudges are not sexy. If you don't take them off, we will eventually.

Watches/bracelets - Not so fun when they get stuck in your hair.

Hair things - Having someone run their fingers through your hair, even gently pulling it (you guys were on to something in elementary school!), is really, really sexy. So, if our hair is in a ponytail or something, take the elastic out! This is one case where we don't care what you think about our hair, as we have obviously already impressed you.

Earrings - I am, personally, a big fan of the earlobe nibbling, but I understand that it's difficult if my earrings are in the way. So, take them out. (I once had someone take them out with his teeth. Impressive, but not necessary.) As long as you pull the earring out and not down, you aren't going to hurt me.

Jackets - They limit mobility, and if there is kissing (and we're inside), I'm going to be plenty warm.

Obviously, things like shirts, pants, skirts, those things need to stay on. For now. Just about everything else? Fair game!