Thursday, December 18, 2008

The ways we relax

I had an "exit interview" of sorts from one of my classes this semester. The teacher scheduled each of us for 15 minutes with her to talk about how we did in the class. Except this teacher is the queen of tangents so it was more like one or two minutes about the class and then 18 minutes about everything else. Yes, the 15 minute meetings were more like 20.

This semester, for some reason, has just been real hard on everyone, starting back in October. It's just felt real long. Maybe there's been a baby dementor in the building this semester. Not a full grown freezing-cold-all-the-happiness-gone-from-the-world one, but a little one.

I told the professor that I'd gone back to knitting the last half of this semester because it was something I could do to soothe my nerves. She mentioned she's started crocheting a lot more. And then she asked if I had a significant other. As a matter of fact I do. She could tell because I've been one of the happiest students both semesters in her class. None of this has anything to do with what the class actually was.

But it's true. When things are going well with me socially, either having a significant other or being okay with the lack of one, I'm much more calm and relaxed in every other aspect of my life. But when things go bad with a relationship, I really feel sorry for everyone around me because it seems to spill over in to everything else.

I guess if I end up getting good grades this semester I should thank Kitt for his help with that.


Jinxie said...

My not being okay single drama lately certainly can't be helping my stress levels. I really should learn how to knit.