Monday, January 12, 2009

What not to do (part 1 of many, I'm sure)

It seems like an unfortunate number of males could use a little help in knowing what they should not be doing if they ever have any intention of being in a relationship.

First with the "stalking." It's not cool. I once had the experience of a guy listening in class as the professor called role to figure out my name, and then used the school directory to figure out my number and address and call me for a date. My information is no longer listed in school directories. And if you want a date with a girl, you need to also be able to ask for her number directly, not through covert means.

Second, there are many terms that are just not acceptable. Playing games with a group of people recently, one of the guys, while handing a card to the person at my left said "hey, woman!" She has a name. And you know her name. And hopefully the dirty looks that all of the women in the room, and some of the men as well, gave him, will help him see that what he said was just not right. Although I'm doubtful.

Third. If the girl you like happens to fancy another guy at the time, speaking ill of him will not get you anywhere, at least in the forward direction. It will, though, move you back and destroy your chances. As an example, I was speaking with Sam about Kitt several weeks ago. It seems that Sam might have had crush type feelings on me at one point. I like Kitt, a lot. We were talking about Kitt's views on a certain subject and Sam asked me if I knew what those views really were, indicating that if I did know, I would definitely not like them, and thus not like Kitt either. As it so happens, I do know what those views are and I happen to like and agree with them. So not only did Sam reveal that he and I don't agree on some very important issues, but he also implied mean things about someone I care about. Ooo, bad move there Sam, go back five spaces.

Unfortunately this is not an exhaustive list. And I am sure I will have more list worthy experiences as time moves on.