Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tis a Gift to be Simple

I must say that I love a relationship where the guy putting his arm around me at church is journal worthy material. It's so much better than the journal entries from other relationships I've had. It's sweet, tender, and really makes me smile.

Don't misunderstand though. This wasn't the first time he's ever put his arm around me. In fact, every place else in the world his arm is almost constantly around me or he's holding my hand. But church seemed like the last hold out. And I was perfectly fine with that, keeps the young'uns from gossiping so much about us. So while we've been sitting next to each other at church for months and months now, there has been no physical contact at church other than him gently touching my back when he leaves Sunday School to go to Elder's Quorum.

So it was actually with no little surprise that he stretched his arm behind me and pulled me in during Sacrament meeting today. I didn't want to move in case he'd take his arm away. Instead I just sat there and soaked in the moment.

And I oddly thought that he'd finally claimed me, and it kind of made me smile. But it was a real weird thought. So we'll move on.

Then, to top that, he did it again towards the end of Sunday School.

I love the simple things in a relationship. I wonder if he knows I wrote about that in my journal tonight. I wonder what he'd say if he knew.

Putting his arm around me at church makes up for the fact that he told me I looked like a grandma tonight. I have to admit though that I was wearing a wool jumper, had my hair in a bun, my glasses on, and was looking at knitting patterns.


Nemesis said...

I agree with you. It's a lovely, lovely feeling. :-)

Jinxie said...

I saw this article today, and it's spot on as well.