Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Thing About Advice

We've all been given advice. "You'll find a husband if . . ." "Shouldn't you be . . .?" "Why don't you try . . .?"

That's all well and good, but honestly? Most of it is a load of crap.

No one really knows what you need to do about finding a mate except for you. And since we here believe in Him, the Lord. Those close to you, like family or real friends, may have some ideas, but only you really know you. Others who have direct stewardship for you, like your father or your bishop, can give you council on the matter, as directed by Heavenly Father, but no one else can give you any 100% useful advice.

Now, there are things that should apply to everyone - Take care of yourself, be the best you that you can be (physically, mentally, spiritually), be worthy of your goals (i.e. If you want to have a temple marriage, be worthy of the temple.), and maybe a handful of other things.

Otherwise, no one really knows. You can change something that one ex-boyfriend didn't like about you, say, your affinity for all things purple, but that may be the thing that seals with the deal with the man you're supposed to marry. Would it help if you went to more ward activities? Maybe, but if your ward activity is, for instance, ice skating, and you hate ice skating, wouldn't you rather meet someone when you're having a great time?

So, all advice really should be taken with a grain of salt. Even what you read here. We all have things about us that we need to improve, so if you hear something that sounds like it could apply to your life, go ahead. But, never, ever, do something just because someone who doesn't (or even does) know you said you should.


Roxie said...

Sounds like there might be a story involved on this. ;)

That's a more direct way of saying what I said here: Personal editing

Now, I think you need to die your hair purple, wear pink leg warmers, and go ice skating. That's the only way you'll ever meet a husband. ;)

Jinxie said...

There is always a story. :)

I've done all of that, but not at the same time. Is that what I'm missing?