Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dating the player

You know who I'm talking about.

A guy who:

(1) doesn't understand the meaning of relationship
(2) is in full reproductive mode (just in it for the physical)
(3) is very good at making girls think he is into them (also very proficient at breaking said girl's hearts)
(4) often "dates" several girls at once (girls are often unaware of each other)

Now, there are guys who date several women, but are actually really into the girls they are taking out. This post is not about them.

These are the guys who date just to date. Or to "get some". They are rarely single for long, and seem to have a different girl on their arm every month. Or even every week. Occasionally, they might get involved in something serious, but their week is a total loss if they don't have at least one date. They seem to ask everyone out around you.

Except you.

So you think "Why? What's wrong with me? If we're friends and he's asking everyone else out, why not me?"

It's probably because you're too good for him. And he knows it. While he feigns wanting to be serious and settle down, when it comes to someone who is actually worth settling down for, he avoids it at all costs.

Really, you're better off for it. Do you really want to date someone who has kissed 5 other girls in your ward just this month? No, of course not.

So, even if he's cute, charming, and everything you want in eye candy, he's just that. Eye candy. You want someone with staying power.