Saturday, November 6, 2010

When I was a child

I am a life long comic addict. I don't buy comic books, not that kind of comic. But I love the funny pages in the newspaper. I have stacks of comics I cut from the paper growing up. And since they've all started being available on-line, I have folders of them on my computer. You never know when you might need one some day for some project. I love how they can capture some little bit of truth about life in three frames or so. They are just brilliant.


Honestly, which of us didn't do that growing up, or even now? Even if you've since decided that you will not be changing your name, you probably thought about that at some point. I know a few couples with some rather unusual names and I have to think that she must have really loved him to try that name on and then keep it. But of course love is about more than a name. Even though when you are young it can often seem like that is very important.

Young love is certainly a strange beast. It's highly romantic and idyllic.

I had that idealized concept of love when I was a child. It gave me a place to start from. But I'm so glad it changed. Real love, adult love, is so much better than just liking the same song, or having a good sounding name. Love is rough and raw. It is work and wonderful.