Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Rules?

After hearing that some women I know (none that I'm friends with) were faithfully reading the book The Rules to learn how to trap a guy into marrying them, I flipped through it one afternoon we were spending at the bookstore (bookstores make fun dates). And it was laughable. The ones that made sense could've been classified as common decency, and the rest were bordering on manipulation. One was to maintain a sense of mystery. I turned to HP and asked him if I was still mysterious to him. Without missing a beat he came back with, "Yes. I still haven't seen your breasts." (We weren't married yet.) And that was that. I've never heard of The Game but I imagine it's similar.

My rules?
1. Be yourself
2. Practice common decency.

Hopefully common decency is part of who you are, but just in case it isn't I thought I'd add the second rule.


Natalie said...

I don't get it. Why would you want someone to love you based on manipulation and games? Eventually, you're going to fail at keeping up the charade and then your man is going to be all "Um, you're not the woman I married" and you'll be all "I KNOW! But you're stuck now buddy!"

That's the way to find eternal happiness fo' sho'.