Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At least once

It seems like there is a list of dating experiences that everyone has to go through at least once. Some good, some bad, and all at least leave you with a story.

With regards to dating that list could include:

  • a bad blind date
  • a good blind date
  • a date who is more interested in you than you are in him
  • a date who's less interested in you than you are in him
  • a rebound
  • a date who dumps you
  • a date you dump
  • and a date that you really should've listened to what everyone was saying and left alone

And yup, I can cross all of those off my list, at least once.

With regards to that last one, I don't even think a bad-ex tracking system would work.

Because it seems like even if we did get a warning that specific, we wouldn't listen. I've had guys that I got plenty of warning about, either from friends or even my own gut. Luckily I did manage to listen before too long. But if they ever do start up that tracking system, let me know, I have a few to add.

What other types of "dates" would you add to the list? The Art of Manliness had a list a while back of The Taxonomy of Lousy Male Friends. We could probably add those guys to the list as well. And I dated a few of them too.