Monday, February 9, 2009

When you don't call

If it takes greater than three days for my date to contact me again, here are a collection of my thoughts during that time:

He's just busy. No, really, he is. Maybe he's trying to think of something witty to respond with. He's probably not that big into using the phone. He obviously hasn't been on Facebook this week. Did I really kiss him? Or did he kiss me? Who initiated that one? Well, whatever, it was mutual. Oh crap, why did we kiss on the second date? Who DOES that? Did I not do enough? Did I do too much? Did I stay too long? Should I have stayed longer? Man. It's because I'm fat, isn't it? Stupid thunder thighs of doom. Well, what did mean when put his hand on my face? He did hold my hand. Eventually. That was nice. He still hasn't been on Facebook yet. Gosh he's cute. You know, he definitely kissed me back, and it was sweet, not aggressive, that must mean he likes me. He did say "WE should go to that." He must have meant it. I'm sure he's just busy. When does that project start again? Could already have started. Nope, no Facebook updates. I really should have stayed longer. What if he doesn't actually like me? He doesn't seem like the player type. STOP ANALYZING THIS! But, what if - NO! STOP IT! He'll call me when he calls me. Still hasn't been on Facebook.

Yes, I recognize that this perpetuates the whiny and desperate female myth, but those thoughts are sprinkled over a several day period, mingled with thoughts and actions of things in real life - work, school, why the roommates haven't cleaned the kitchen, etc. - and are only vocalized to a small minority of people. I'm only whiny in my head. And here. Most of the time, I realize I'm being irrational and remind myself to shut up about it.

The good news? After one email (three days post-date) and one phone call (6 days post-date), he finally called me back and left a voicemail.

The bad news? He's apparently going to be out of town during the days I asked if he was available (oh well, theater tickets are cheaper for just one person anyway), and he said "I'll catch you some other time." This, generally, seems to be code for "Whenever I remember or otherwise need some lovin'."

Oh well. I may be wrong, but I'm going to hold out for it. I'll just be pleasantly surprised if something does happen.