Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Pontifications

Ah Valentine's Day. The one day a year that couples everywhere are required to make grand overtures to prove how much they love each other. Millions of dollars are spent, not to mention the guilt trips and anxieties that plague those who don't know what to do for their significant others.

Singles everywhere are smacked in the face with reminders about how single they are, that no one loves them, and they are ALONE.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

I've only had a boyfriend for 1.5 of my Valentine's Days Past. The first was shared with a boyfriend I'd been dating for just over six months, and the second was when another one asked me to be his girlfriend. Both were wonderful days.

However, I can't think of a Valentine's Day I haven't liked. There was the one that was a second date, on which he decided to tell me he was falling in love with me, but that was just more awkward than anything.

I choose, on this and every Day of Love, to share my love with everyone I love - family, friends, and, when I'm so blessed, a specific guy. My parents always give/send a small present and candy. Trixie is taking her niece and nephew out today. My parents shared their Valentine's "picnic" with my sister. I spent this morning in the temple with my roommates and some friends.

It's all about love. All love. As I read in an article earlier this week, does Halloween make you wish you were a zombie? No, of course not! So, if you're at home moping about your singleness, realize how silly you're being, and go do something for someone, anyone, you love, even if it's just you!


Roxie said...

Exactly. Nobody is entirely alone. Everyone has someone in their life, someone that loves them. Love should never be limited to just one person, it should be shared with everyone!