Thursday, February 26, 2009

Definitions, Take 2

I've been officially someone's girlfriend for a few weeks now. So I've also been consistently calling him my boyfriend for a few weeks too. I used to only call him that on occasion, when it would be easier to say that than get into what was really going on. I generally called him "the guy" when I referred to him because the term "boyfriend" just seemed weird. But I'm finding that I'm quickly adjusting to it. I really like telling people things like, "my boyfriend did this," or, "my boyfriend and I were talking." I like it. I really do. And part of me wonders if everyone can tell there is a fun little smile just below the surface every time I say that. Please don't let me turn into a total sap!

But we recently, my boyfriend and I :), had an interesting run-in with relationship definitions. He and I attend different wards. He accompanied me to an activity at my ward this month. One sister asked who he was. I introduced him as my boyfriend :). Her response threw me just a bit when she said, "I thought you were single."

For me, single means not married, and I'm not married. No matter how involved I am in a dating relationship, I'm still single. So I'm interested in exactly what her definition of single is.

We discussed it a bit. Married is real well defined. Engaged is pretty set too. But single covers such a wide range of things, that saying you are single rarely truly explains what is going on. How would you divide up and define the different degrees of single-ness?

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