Thursday, February 19, 2009


When someone does something that hurts or offends you, do you ever have a really good retort right away? Of course not! You don't live in the movies, so you don't have a scriptwriter, and your perfect reply will likely not come until days later or, worse, mere moments after you leave their presence.

Then, naturally, you replay the interaction in your head and think about what you could have done better to, sadly, try to hurt them as much they hurt you.

You, ok fine, I'm talking about me here. I also plot what I would do or say if given the chance, if I run into and can talk to whomever it was.

Usually, and probably for the better, this situation never happens. If I do run into that person, I'm either so surprised that I did so that I can't say anything or I just chicken out. Besides, there has usually been enough time between the offense and the run-in that while you may not want to be friends with them, you really don't need to say anything about whatever happened.

Why am I even thinking about this right now?

The one unforgiven who wasn't on the oh so wonderful Facebook, and whom I never expected to be on Facebook, is now on Facebook. He requested me as a friend, which I have yet to accept, and messaged me. We engaged in some very small talk before he finally asked if we were not friends anymore.

This was my chance. The chance to tell him off.

I just said "I don't know. You're the one that _________ ."

Then, he did what I never expected him to do.

He apologized. Sort of. He never actually said "Sorry." and what he did say could easily be read as excuses instead of apologies. But he did say he wanted a second chance to be my friend.

Here's my chance. Again!

And I have no idea what to say.