Friday, February 20, 2009

Because blogging is more fun than homework

I have hit a new level of gossip. I found out that my relationship status is a matter of discussion at the stake level. I've never been that high before. It's been a matter of ward level gossip before. I almost feel a bit of pride at having reached such a high level. But I also have to just laugh.

I'm trying to figure out the logic of this. Two weeks ago, we made use of the hot tub at my apartment. The shirt he wore to my place got wet so I sent him home in one of my old t-shirts and had him leave his shirt, swim trunks, and towel at my place since I was doing laundry the next day. So his shirt was washed and just waiting for me to return it. Why did I find myself so drawn to wear his shirt? It was washed so it didn't even smell like him any more; it smelled like the rest of my clothes. Where was the logic on this?

Side note - he still has my t-shirt.


Jinxie said...

When I've worn a boy's clothes, I just take comfort in knowing that it's been close to their body, even if doesn't smell like them anymore.

It's when they try on my pleather pants that it gets weird . . .