Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some nerve

What my mother does professionally, she mostly does for small to medium sized businesses. Sometimes, she'll do a variation of her work for members of her immediate family. When I was dating the most recent of the unforgivens, she did the same for him, as a favor to me.

In recent weeks, unbeknownst to me, he had the nerve to call my parents' home and ask to talk to my mother. She must not have been home, and my father, bless his heart, probably didn't remember what had happened, and gave him an email address not even my sister knew my mother had.

My mother soon got an email asking for her help again. He, at least, recognized that it had been done as a favor to me to offered to pay my mother whatever she normally charges.

Say what?

What she said:

"I'm sorry. I only do that for family, and through the company I work for. You might want to know (insert a technical explanation about something here)."

What she wanted to say:

"You have some nerve. Do you really think, that after what you did to my daughter, that I would do that for you?"

What I want to say:

"Oh hell no. Stay the hell away from my family, you bastard."

You have to admit this guy has guts. I just I wish I didn't have to still be dealing with them.