Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

I used to joke that I would marry a military guy from Idaho. First, I love potatoes. I recall a two week Christmas break where I practically lived on cold cereal and potatoes of any kind I could imagine. They are an amazing food. Second, I actually like to move. Or maybe it's just that I'm used to it because I've done it so often. The longest I've ever had an address was for 5.5 years. You'd think I wouldn't have such a pack rat mentality with all that moving. But maybe it's that I have things to make me feel at home rather than places.

I didn't marry a guy from Idaho, but he does like potatoes. And now that I'm grown and I know what being a military spouse involves, maybe it's a bit selfish of me but, I'm glad he's not in the military.

I am so grateful for those who serve and those who stay home and wait for them.

Thank you veterans.