Monday, November 5, 2012

Guys not to date

Add guys who purposefully do things to get arrested when they get dumped to your list of guys not to date - Man throws beer at officer to get in trouble.

I remember my economics teacher in high school coming to school once with a shaved head. He'd gotten dumped over the weekend and so he shaved his head to "show her." I hadn't had a whole lot of respect for the guy before then, and that certainly didn't help (not that I was EVER interested in dating teachers, but I kind of expect my teachers to be adults, and this guy was one in age only).

I dumped a guy once. I'll go into the story of why at another time. But in my mind he really should've seen it coming. As far as I know though, he never did anything stupid as a result (although he had a penchant for getting hit by cars). Which just proves my point. If you do something stupid because someone dumped you, they will probably never even know about it.