Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love me for me

Three years ago today I got married. And no, I still don't have him "trained." I married him because I love who he is, not because of who I could make him to be. He married me because he loves who I am, not because of what he could change me into. We are a good love match.

We've both changed and grown in the last three years, although I'm a little too close to the action to be able to identify those changes. But it hasn't been a result of coercion or manipulation. It is the result of simply living life and adjusting to this new life we are creating.

Being loved for who you are is all any of us want, and that extends beyond marriage. Our parents love us for who we are not who they wish we were. Our friends, if they are good friends, love us for who we are. Is it really love if they are loving you for who you aren't?