Friday, May 22, 2009

When we wonder what they're thinking

I think I know my thoughts rather well. But there are oh so many times where I wish I knew the thoughts behind the actions of others. I seem to be having them frequently lately, and all of them with regards to the boyfriend. What exactly is he thinking? Not that I don't mind the actions, I'm just curious as to the thoughts behind them.

Take tonight for instance. Tonight we went to the movies. We used to do that a lot. But then we started doing a lot more staying in activities and we haven't gone out much. But tonight we went to the movies. And at the mall even, not the cheap theater.

We arrived about 45 minutes before the movie started, so after buying our tickets we wandered around a bit. As we headed back to the theater, he walked us through a jewelry store. Um, huh. We did a slow walk through and he asked me what kind of jewelry I liked as he was leaning over some ring cabinets. Never had a guy ask me that before.

The movie was great. Absolutely loved it. Sooo much fun!

But if I said like I felt like I was sitting on a ticking bomb, would that give you a visual to how I'm feeling a bit? Only it's a real good bomb full of rainbows and bubbles and flowers and butterflies. Not the destructive kind of bomb. I just wish I could find the timer device so I had a better idea when it was going off. This is just so weird. I have no idea what to make of it.


Jinxie said...

Hee! I like the imagery. :-D

Roxie said...

Found out what he's thinking. But he told me I can't know the when/where/how of it.

He did like the advice to not follow in this guy's footsteps though and avoid milk shakes.

I also told him about a guy who thought putting a ring in a large bouquet of helium balloons would be romantic, until the wind carried the balloons off to never be seen again.

He's been laughing to the point of tears about both of those since yesterday.

Jinxie said...

:-D Yay for when, not if!

VICKI IN AZ said...

Wow and exciting!