Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The story of Comb-Over Guy

Story time! We now get to take a trip down memory lane as I regale you with stories of past bad dates. Not surprisingly, most of them will be blind dates. But that does not mean that all blind dates I've been on where bad. Two of them turned out real well. You could even describe the boyfriend as having been a blind date at one point. But that's not the topic of this story.

This story will be about a date I went on with a guy that has ever after been referred to as "Comb-Over Guy" (he will be called COG for this post because I don't want to type that out every time).

This date was set up by a couple in my ward. The husband went to school with COG. They were studying to be computer scientists. I worked with computers for my job. And since both COG and I liked computers, were single, and belonged to the same church, the wife decided that COG and I would be perfect together. While this is slightly better than some people's requirements for setting up friends (same marital status, same religion), the wife did break one BIG blind date rule - I get to decide if we are perfect together, not the people setting me up.

But the date was arranged. The date would involve married couple 1 (that did the setting up), married couple 2 (the husband also knew COG, and the couple was in the same ward as couple 1 and I), myself, and COG. We went to dinner at a restaurant and then to a movie before going to the apartment of couple 2 for dessert.

The events themselves were not bad. But I had to constantly remind myself that I was on a date with COG and should probably look at him. Which then resulted in me having to remind myself that staring was not polite. I was also constantly reminding myself that since I was on a date with him I should probably talk with him.

COG was not a bad person, and other than the physical characteristic that resulted in his pseudonym, he wasn't bad looking either. But there was absolutely NO connection between us. If you have to remind yourself you are on a date with someone, the date is NOT going well.

After the date he took me home and we said good-night. I did not say we should do it again, but rather that I'd had a nice time and said thank you. If there was any touching in the good-night saying, it would've been a simple hand shake, but I can't remember that. I honestly didn't expect to hear from him again. Surely he must have noticed how extremely awkward the date was.

Nope. He called me up a week later to ask me to go ice skating with him. I told him that since I was still recovering from a sprained ankle from three weeks ago, ice skating was not possible, but thanked him for the invite all the same. I never heard from him again.

Wife from coupel 1 though got extremely mad at me for how rude I was to not go on a second date with COG. I never did understand that.

The end.


VICKI IN AZ said...

That wife must have too much time on her hands.

Roxie said...

To say the least.