Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boyfriend Stealer

Or something like unto it.

One summer during college, I did a Study Abroad, far, far away from The Homeland. During the last six weeks of my trip, I kept hearing about a particular boy from Trixie. They spent many an evening together and there were definitely fireworks. It was looking a lot like a non-serious summer fling, but she was certainly having fun. I was, naturally, happy for her, and looked forward to meeting this intriguing fellow.

I got my chance during a game night shortly after my return home. He was, indeed, intriguing. Intellectually stimulating and fairly handsome.

And just like that, he moved on to me. I don't think Trixie saw him at all during the next two weeks, but I saw him at least four times. I didn't intentionally snatch him up, but that's what happened, and we also had a lot of fun. He was a little weird about meeting my parents when we had to run back to my house for a swimsuit one night, but it was basically like meeting my roommates, so I didn't see the big deal.

Now, even though he wasn't seeing Trixie anymore, and he had a bit of a player reputation, he didn't once touch me. No moves. Nada, except maybe a hug goodnight.

Then, just as quickly as it had started, it ended. He didn't call me for a week and a half and when I finally saw him again at another game night, I gave him the cold shoulder. He walked me to my car that evening and asked what was up and we realized that while I had thought there might have been something there, he was just being friends and "friends don't always have to call each other to be friends, at least guys don't".

Neither Trixie nor I really went out with him again, not like that summer.

And that is the story of the one and only time Trixie and I have gone after the same guy. Sort of.


Trixie said...

Ha ha! Well, you should know that he dumped me that night and you really didn't "steal him" from me. He didn't want to be with me anymore because he was a karazy player. Good thing he isn't stuch a player anymore!