Friday, March 13, 2009

Rings do not go in food

I realize that this is an old story, by news standards, but apparently a woman accidentally swallowed the ring her boyfriend had put in her milkshake in order to propose to her. They had to wait for it to go all the way through her digestive system and out the other end before she could wear it.

Um. Ew.

Whatever you do, do not propose to me by hiding my ring in my food. I don't want my ring to be all covered in food when I first see it. And I certainly don't want to wear something that's been in my digestive tract, which means the first time I see it is in the toilet. Covered in, well, you know.

No! Gross!

I actually don't have too many preferences for how I'm proposed to. Because the guy will have been dating me for a while, and will know me and us, I have no doubt that it will be perfect for us, somehow.

I do want it to be a surprise, if at all possible. We can have been talking about marriage, but I'd like the actual proposal to be a surprise. I also have a ring box I'd like him to use, for sentimental reasons. Other than that, just don't put my ring in anything I may accidentally swallow and have to wait two days for.


Lucy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to laugh at this post. That's what I thought too. Did he really think this through? And I can't even go into the retrieval of the ring. Oh well... it got them a nice trip to New York and that had to be fun. :)

Roxie said...

Rings also do not go in cakes, helium ballons, and many other places.

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