Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I often say I am not a patient person. But that's not true. There are a lot of times when I'm quite patient. There are things that I will be very patient for. So it seems that patience is not a set quantity. And even if I am generally patient in one area, there are some things that can affect the level of patience I am currently experiencing.

As I recently noticed a dip in my patience, I decided that while I was wallowing a bit I'd try to figure out what causes these dips.

I seem to be less patient at night than I am in the day. I'm less patient when I'm tired than when I'm well rested, same thing with hungry and fed. I'm less patient when I haven't showered. I'm less patient if I'm sick or in pain. I'm less patient if I'm stressed of dealing with a lot of deadlines and things at once. And I'm less patient if the only people I've seen all day were people at work, if I've even seen anyone that day.

So all of that might explain why getting some information last night, when I was tired and needed to shower for the night, was in a bit of pain, the information made doing several big things at once a real big possibility, some other things had happened during the day that were really stressing me out, and the only people I'd seen were work people, I was just about out of patience with it.

Now that it's day again and I'm well rested, I'm going to exercise and get all dolled up because I can, hopefully we can knock some of those patience drains out and I can go back to being patient.