Tuesday, March 17, 2009


According to our good friend, Wikipedia, maturity is a psychological term used to indicate that a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctual.

Whatever it is, it's attractive. I spent a great deal of time this weekend with a man in the condo that he owns, where he unabashedly has a dust ruffle on his bed, tampons in his bathroom drawer for female visitors, and a well-organized home. He has a reliable, steady job, loves his family, and is getting help for the things he needs to change that are beyond his control. He's a gracious host and an absolute pleasure to be around. Sure, some of his humor is off-color and his milk was sour, but the point is that he responds appropriately to things.

I was reveling in the fact that I'm friends with such a mature individual, as the things I'd noticed over the weekend were enough to make me happy, when he requested a video chat last night to discuss the particulars of our relationship, or rather current lack thereof and why, for now.

Wow. Just wow. No matter the outcome of our discussion, the fact that we he would man up and have that conversation as soon and as face to face as possible was astounding. Far too many boys I've been around lately would just slink off and get distant and weird about everything. We talk about being communicative and then actually ARE is just amazing to me. I know where I stand with him, where we stand together, and what our current future holds.

Other than this guy, I am apparently surrounded by morons. Sure, this guy isn't perfect, none of us are, but since he's so open to change and working on a better future and handling things with such class, he's far ahead of some of the guys I know who don't have the same problems and have been blessed with certain knowledge all their lives.

I'm duly impressed. Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is a MAN. I need to stop dating boys.