Saturday, March 28, 2009

We need to talk...

Good: Talking about your relationship and knowing where you stand and what each other is thinking so you aren't making assumptions.

Bad: Giving two days notice that such a conversation will be taking place to a woman who is experiencing the rollercoaster that is PMS hormones so she then has two days to bounce back and forth between imagining the extremes on both end of a relationship spectrum.

We're definitely going to need more chocolate for this.


Roxie said...

The results: Things are "steady." So that's good.

Jinxie said...


Still, he needed to warn about talking about that? Okay. Glad everything is okay.

Phannie said...

I like your blog. I will be back.

Oh, and what don't we need more chocolate for?

Roxie said...

The conversation is ongoing. And we are clearing up a lot of stuff. But oh, if I could push pause right now and pick it up again next week when I'm more level emotionally, that would be so much better.

Gonna need even more chocolate than I originally thought.