Monday, August 2, 2010

Linksies 2

Ten Rules For Being Human - Everyone should follow these. Think of how much better relationships with other humans would be!

Students of Virginity - Harvard students stand up for virginity. This makes me very happy.

Women most beautiful at 31 - It's all about the confidence, baby.

The Joy of Celibacy: One Author's Year Without Sex - I'll see her 1 year, and raise her my several and counting.

Anguish of Romantic Rejection Linked to Stimulation of Areas of Brain Related to Motivation, Reward and Addiction - Science ran with my thoughts on breakups being like drug withdrawals and agrees with me!

Relationships Improve Your Odds of Survival by 50 percent - And not just the romantic ones. Friends and family too!

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Roxie said...

I wish I'd known I was at my peak of beauty before. Darn it. I missed my chance. ;)