Saturday, January 30, 2010

An honest to goodness date

The primary difference between last night's date and my previous "date", was last night was called a date before we went out. It's quite nice, the clarity that exists when you know for certain that it's a date. This was another first date, and a lovely evening at that.

Things that were awesome about this date:

  • He asked me out well in advance. He even used the words "go out" at first, and "date" in a follow up.
  • He researched and planned on a specific restaurant for dinner. I was expecting a "What are you in the mood for?" text, but instead received "Have you ever eaten at ________ ?" He even made reservations.
  • He picked a restaurant that required reservations! A three course restaurant even. This was only the second or third time in my entire dating life I was taken to a restaurant that nice.
  • He looked really great. I don't remember the last time I was out with a guy in a three piece suit.
  • Speaking of pre-date texts, he also kept me posted on his location and texted me as he was on his way. I was picking him up at a mass transit station, and he let me know when he was getting off work, when he was getting on, when he was at the stop prior to mine, and when he was at my stop, and we talked and joked via text in between. When he announced he was at the penultimate stop, I teased him not to get too excited, it was just a stop, to which he responded "It's the symbolism of being that much closer to you!" How sweet is that?
  • We really did enjoy each others' company. Conversation flowed easily, and I didn't even realize that dinner was well over two hours long and the food came out slowly.
It was just a really nice evening. A great first date. We discussed ideas for a second date, and I hope we do go out again. Regardless, it's just good to go out with a good guy once in a while. It had been far too long.