Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glimpses of the future

It was a lovely Saturday. Just me and him. We slept late, then went out for brunch. Back at home, we started up our project for the day. After a bit, he was fine on his own, and I was sleepy, so I napped on the couch for a bit. When I woke up, he was waiting for a process to finish on our project and was working on one of his own.

"I'm glad you're up," he said kindly, "Can you give me a hand with this?"

And so I did. We went back to working on our project, and when I wasn't needed, I laid down on the floor near him and read a whole book cover to cover. He also did laundry and picked up the bedroom a little. Throughout the day, we exchanged discussion, banter, and smiles. Eventually, we got hungry again, so we debated dinner options before going to the grocery store together and picking up supplies. Of course, we made dinner together, and it was quite tasty (especially after we microwaved it a little longer so the salmonella didn't kill us). After dinner, we worked on our project until we reached a point it where we'd have to leave it overnight. Then, it was shower time for him and bed time for both of us. I went to bed smiling, knowing we'd finish our project tomorrow and because the whole day was just plain nice.

This day really did happen. In fact, this was last Saturday. The only problem? He = JT. Our project = working on my computers. Obviously, we woke up and went to sleep in our own beds, in our own apartments, and paid separately for brunch. Our banter and smiles were those of close friends. His girlfriend was well informed of the situation, that we'd be getting together for snarled up computer fun. I'm sure she would have been around, except that she was gone on business. We didn't exactly plan to spend the whole day together, but I'm sure he told her. We're also working out a potential double date so she can continue to get to know me as a non-threat.

The point is not look-at-how-just-friends-we-are. The point is that it was a seriously great day with just me and a guy I care about (though just as friends right now - seriously), doing normal, everyday things around the house and enjoying each others' company. Since all I've done for the last few years is try on guys who never last more than a few weeks, it's refreshing to get the occasional glimpse of life with a guy without the tension. After days like this, that remind me what I'm working for, I look forward to it being a permanent thing.