Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doing something right

Trixie said she was interested to know when it would hit me that I'm married. While there have been a few moments where that reality has been there for me, for the most part, it really doesn't feel that different than it did before. But I think that's because we did at least one thing right.

Other than living together and the benefits of being married, it still keeps feeling like we are on one big long date. That doesn't mean that we're walking on eggshells or always dressed up and on our best behavior though. Sure that was how our first few dates were, just as the first few always are in any relationship. But for at least a year before we got engaged our dates were just a natural outflow of our daily lives. We saw each other dressed up for dates, but we also saw each other doing laundry, exercising, going to work, studying, in the hospital (it was me in the hospital, and it still ranks as one of HP's favorite days, it might be the drugs they gave me, but it was pretty fun for me too). So now the only difference is, at the end of the "date," we go to the same bed instead of going to different homes.

A friend asked me today how I enjoyed married life, and I told her, honestly, it doesn't feel much different than before. The marriage just flowed naturally from the courtship. To me, that means that somewhere in the mess that can be dating, we must have done something good.