Monday, February 1, 2010

Nobody likes me!!

How many times have we all thought that? Especially when it comes to relationships (or being a teenager). But if I really think about it, it's not quite true. It needs to be expanded to "Nobody I like likes me!!" and then it's true.

HP and I had three friends get married within two months of our wedding, and attending each of their receptions was very interesting for us. As we left the first one HP turned to me and said that the groom definitely had a thing for me. Which is not something you should be saying about someone who just got married. But it was probably true. Thing is, the guy never had a chance with me, for a lot of reasons. So he liked me, but he wasn't someone I ever thought of more than to associate his name with his face.

There have been several guys over the years who liked me or would've pursued me if I'd let them. But none of them ever really had a chance. And I'm sure the opposite was true more than once as well, that I liked guys who I never had a chance with either.

And I've also had friends who spent a couple of years liking each other at different times, he'd like her and she'd be ho-hum about it, and then he'd get over it and she'd like him. They finally managed to like each other at the same time and have been married for over six years now.

So it's not just about being liked, it's about being liked by the right people at the right time. That's a lot to coordinate.


TRS said...

I needed that. Thanks.

your opening line reminded me of a commercial from back in my HS days... who knows what it was for... McDonalds, or some cola I think.

One person says to the friend, "Nobody likes me."
She responds, "I like you."
"Nobody good likes me."

Cracks me up still!