Saturday, February 6, 2010

Facebook - The Portal to Awkwardness

Facebook has proved to be a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with people. I remember when we would move when I was growing up, my friends and I would promise to write each other all the time and never lose track of each other and be friends forever. We wrote maybe two or three letters. And at this point I'd actually have to go ask my mom what my friends' names were when I was a kid because it's been that long.

But now... people who I barely remember can look me up and ask to be my friend. Some of them it's real fun to connect with again. Others, there's probably a reason we haven't talked in at least one decade if not two.

Old boyfriends are especially weird to find on Facebook. Although it does help to give HP a face with the names of all the funny stories I've told him of my escapades in dating.

There are also the people who just don't understand how the whole online socializing thing works, or when to let go. Take for instance, the poor girl who found a friend quiz application on Facebook and started asking questions about HP with it. Questions like, "Do you think HP has ever flirted with anyone?" or "Do you think HP is attractive?" or "Do you think HP has a nice smile?"

Now, I know this girl. I know she's not completely there and probably doesn't realize what she's doing and she's just clicking things thinking this computer stuff is pretty cool. But at the same time, it's real weird for me to see another girl answering those questions about my husband. Not in a threatening kind of way, just in a weird possibly not appropriate kind of way.

So he's blocked that application. Now he won't come up in her rotation of answering questions about her friends.

Oh that it were as easy to block people and situations in real life as it is on the computer!