Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maybe I should just take a nap

At the end of the last couple of days, I have been Little Miss Crankypants. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm really tired. I'll be working at least 60 hours this week, which is highly unusual, and I can't imagine how exhausted I'm going to be by Saturday night if I'm already this tired. Maybe it's because my usually decent cooking skills are severely lacking the last couple of days and not only did I have to throw out an entire batch of soup, but I couldn't even get the replacement ramen to turn out right. I ate a bowl of cereal and am considering just living off the stuff this week.


There is also the usual lack of hugs in my life. That's pretty much what the crankiness amounts to: Too much work, not enough hugs. I really miss being held at the end of a long day. Still, I persevere. The hugs will come.

Note: I wrote the above on Monday night. I'm feeling much less cranky now (Thursday), but, as predicted, I'm even more tired. You know you're tired when you can't even stay awake in your dreams! I dreamed last night that I was at the dentist and a few other places, and I kept falling asleep!