Monday, June 29, 2009

Some back story

Having now posted how the next volume in the story of HP and I got started, I should probably tell some of the back story.

HP and I are an internet meeting gone very very right. We met through a friend of mine on an internet dating site and started sending messages back and forth every few days. Within a few weeks we'd moved on to hours of instant messaging every night. In just over a month I'd invited him up to where I was living so we could meet. He came and we had quite the first date, three days long. We went to a museum. We went to a musical. We went to dinner. We met friends and family we both had in the area. And we had our first kiss.

We saw each other a few times that year and continued to talk almost nightly.

But distance is hard, and so after a year of that things slowed down. We still kept in contact, but the frequency was much less.

About two years after we met though, I had a career change that brought me to where he lives. Being in the same city helped us pick up a bit where we left off. We saw each other more and interacted more. Our friendship grew and we started seeing each other rather regularly. In January of this year we decided that we were in fact officially dating with a capital D.

We just really fit. I couldn't have imagined someone more perfect for me. And I also couldn't have imagined meeting someone the way I did.