Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How we got a song and I announced a, um, something

I know you're supposed to think before you speak, but sometimes that isn't possible, or something.

I've never really known how couples ended up with a song. I've never known a couple who had one. It seemed a thing from the movies or days gone past or something. Yet the other day when the Boyfriend and I were driving around a song came on the radio and before I knew what I was saying I said, "Oh, it's our song!"

But it's not our song because we fell in love to it. It's our song because it follows us around. And we both like it and sing along to it because we know all the words because it's on the radio just about every time we're in the car, some trips more than once. It's our song the way a stray dog is your dog. It just followed us home so we kept it.

The song? "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. And it's a bit fitting that the Boyfriend likes to nibble my ear when I scooch a little closer.

We prefer this version of it, acoustic with Toca and a garden gnome. He likes the skatting at the beginning. I like the garden gnome. And we both think the end does get dragged on a bit. Now we just need to find this version for sale somewhere.

As for the second time I've spoken without thinking recently -

Tonight we went to a Church scripture class together. He told the instructor (whom I don't know) that we would be leaving early (we wanted to watch "Chess in Concert" on PBS). As we made our exit, the Boyfriend in front of me, the instructor said, "Thanks [Boyfriend], and (pause) spouse?" I was already half out the door and was completely caught off guard on that one, so the only thing I could get out was, "Not yet." And then we walked to the car while I turned redder by the second and he joined me in the redness when he realized what the exchange had been.

Wish I would've taken a moment to think on that one. Although how do you respond to something like that in five seconds or less?


Jinxie said...

I remember questions like that. And having to answer them. As long as he was cool with the answer, I don't think you have anything worry about. :)

TRS said...

Something similar happened with me and Mr. Burns... it was upon introductions... and someone asked is this your wife/husband?

Our answers were something like "If he's lucky." "If he ever gets around to it/ shapes up." and "We'll see."

We'll see is good. It has expectation, anticipation... but not too much!!